I grew up as a vegetarian. Soon after I graduated as a doctor in 1981, I became aware of the intense cruelty associated with the production and consumption of dairy. Ethically, I had to stop consuming it, and so my vegan journey began. I soon realised that the biggest shift was not just in my physical health, but also in my state of mind. I was more connected with every living being - and this oneness is what I believe is the true essence of spirituality.

There was no turning back. Medical journals and scientific data led me to realize that milk is not the health food that I was brought up thinking that it was. In my quest to understand more, I read Dean Ornish’s book Reversing Heart Disease where I learnt that he had helped people reverse their need for bypass surgery on an almost plant based diet! Dean Ornish stated that his book was about healing mind, body and spirit, which I found very appealing.

The more I read the more I could see that human beings suffered lifestyle diseases whereas animals that live in nature never come close to being obese or get diabetes and heart disease.

I gradually changed my practice from treating people with medicines to teaching them to heal themselves and helping them withdraw medications. My experience has shown me that without exception everyone will see positive changes when they switch to a whole plant based diet provided deficiencies like vitamin B12 and vitamin D are looked after. Today SHARAN, the organization that I founded is at the forefront of lifestyle disease prevention and reversal in India with a team of doctors and nutritionists.

For most people change is difficult, and that's why I so appreciate Saritha Sreedharan’s background as a Vedanta teacher. I truly believe that changing one’s lifestyle heals the mind, body and spirit. This beautifully illustrated book makes vegan lifestyle attractive, practical, easy and enjoyable. Saritha describes herself as a spiritual vegan, and personally I cannot imagine the two as separate.

If you are new to a vegan lifestyle, please wait no longer. Start using this book to heal yourself – body, mind and spirit. You just need to follow the recipes, the rest will happen on by itself! And if you are already vegan, here are plenty of recipes to keep you on this spiritual food path.
Dr Nandita Shah